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brittney logan

Hi Robyn,

Your dogs sample is being sequenced now! You can see the status on your dogs profile and it will change as it moves through our pipeline.

When a participating for free, there are a few things that we take into consideration when choosing a sample to go out for sequencing. The grant money that we have is one of the biggest factors. Right now we have money to study allergies, so if your dog has allergies then we can fund that sample to go out. Behavior is another factor, if you dogs behavior is at an extreme end of the spectrum that is interesting to us. Of course we need baselines and controls, so we do also pick at random. There are many other things that can affect when a sample will go out for sequencing, and that is why we cannot provide and exact timeline to everyone who is participating for free.

We do absolutely want to and have the goal to sequence all sample that come into us, it is just that the timeline will vary. I hope this helps, it is a great question!