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kathleen morrill


No worries, and thank you for your support! I also wanted to clarify what I mentioned earlier about batches sent for sequencing: those who donate will not wait for their dog’s sample to be run. If there are still spaces in the batch, those get filled by Free level participants, without delaying the run. So, my main point is that, with us now accepting donations, we expect the processing of all samples to speed up.

I can comment on the tick project — indeed, it is separate from Darwin’s Dogs, in the people involved and the funding. The common threads shared are lab (under Dr. Karlsson) and Darwin’s Ark as a platform for participation. The leading lab member on the tick project is Gaurav Chaunhan, another graduate student. The first phase of tick collection has actually happened last year, and the project is not currently accepting samples. When it does open again, it will be seasonal.

I’ll take note on making the differences between projects (funding, people involved) more clear on the website! In general, grants have specific designations for how the funding gets spent and on what, so there should be little-to-no overlap.