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jamie wagner

@ Heather Moorefield & Kathleen Morrill – Please go troll elsewhere – on someone else’s post or better yet on another website entirely. You obviously did not read my entire original post as I was not as concerned about the wait time as I was them opening up additional research projects with such a great backlog. “…especially because you obviously have enough money to update your website and include more research project. I am just curious of the ETA at this stage in the game. One would think that you would focus on analyzing the samples you have prior to adding more species to the research project.” Maybe I should have phrased my original post a little more clearly. And as I said in my last post- I wound up paying the $99 because I do not want my boy’s sample getting lost in the mix once they open up the other research projects. I donated the $99 two days ago, so lets see how long it will take them to ship out my sample. The way it was worded originally, it sounded like it would be sent with the next full batch of samples, but then in the FAQ it read that it will be sent with the next batch of 20 samples that people paid for- and my luck I am number 19 and no one else will pay for a sample and I will be stuck waiting even longer than if I had left well enough alone and stayed in the free grouping.

@ Admin esp Brittney – how does that work exactly? Say I am 1 of 19 who paid for samples to be sent- are we stuck waiting for that last person to donate and you get in x amount of grants- do you send only the free ones out or do you send our paid for samples out as well?