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jamie wagner

I did donate earlier this week. Only because it is a cause I feel strong about. HOWEVER that does not mean I support them opening up research for other species (cats) until they get caught up on their backlog. So now that they have my $100 lets see how long it will take for them to sequence my beautiful goofball!

And to those who think that I was complaining about the wait time, please read my original post. I am more concerned and upset that they have a huge back log and not enough grants to run samples they already have and that have been sitting for years yet they are expanding to include other species and starting new projects. That is just asking for issues. I can see the issues now- cats accidently getting ran for canine sequencing, samples getting processed incorrectly, lost/misplaced samples because they were placed on the wrong shelf or in the wrong room- the list can go on for miles. Rule 1 of any project is to perfect it prior to expanding. And actually knowing they are trying to expand was the shove I needed to donate to have my Bastian’s DNA expedited- I don’t want it sitting there getting lost or misplaced or forgotten. But like I said, lets see how long it will take. As of now it has not moved from received and waiting to be sequenced.