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brittney logan

Hi Kailey,

The timing of results depends upon how you choose to participate. We have made Darwin’s Ark into a non-profit so that you can choose to either participate for free (we fund your dogs samples, but timing for results will take longer) or you can fund your dogs samples (two levels of funding).

Since we already have your dogs sample here, you can fund the sample for only $99.00 so that it can be sent out ASAP to be sequenced and therefor you will receive the results much faster! To participate at either of these level, please go to your dogs profile and click on “order DNA Analysis” to see the options. To learn more check out our FAQ page!

Again, funding your dogs sample is optional, you can also remain participating for free and no action needs to be taken.

We will certainly email you once results are ready and we will upload them to your dogs Darwin’s Ark profile.