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shannon thier


This is for actual scientific data and is NOT the equivalent of the Lego land version of DNA tests like Wisdom Panel, etc..

This is FREE. Yes, there’s a waiting time like there are in practically all cumulative data collection in order to generate the most accurate data.

You get what you pay for. Want your answers sooner? Pay between $99-$1,999. OR live with your dog and the fact that you’re helping the entire dog community for various ranges of months and get your results which are the closest thing to accuracy that exists.

I waited and found out my Mars DNA sample was off, thanks to Darwin’s Dogs., which uses a plethora of more breed standards/ markers than the other tests.

Take your pick….$79 for a likely inaccurate test, or request a FREE test and have patience. Not to mention this is an a critical study that looks for not only breed, but also correlates the data to see what breeds or mixes thereof may result in potential health and/or behavior accuracy of your dog and dogs like yours. The more dogs in the study, the more data collected.

So while you get what you pay for in terms of waiting time, the results you do get are of the highest accuracy, help us learn how genomes can affect behavior. If you’re willing to wait, you’ll get a ton more info than is provided by the present day retail companies.

So basically, buy a Ferarri for $99-$1999 today, or wait a year or two and get one shiny brand new, top of the line one with many more features FOR FREE, and simply enjoy your dog like you always have been.

Ther choice is yours.