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brittney logan

Hi Jamie,

We have made Darwin’s Ark into a non-profit in order to help combat the wait time and grant funding issues. This is strictly research and grants do take time. With thousands of participants we could not sequence them all at once hence the long wait times, so our solution was to make it so that participants have the option if they would like to fund their dogs sample at various levels in order to get the sample out more quickly for sequencing, and therefore receive the results faster.

This of course is optional, and participants are still more than welcome to participate for free, it just means a difference in wait time. We do plan to sequence all samples that come into us! I have checked your information and in your case since you have answered all of the behavior questions and we have your dogs DNA sample here, if you wish to get the results faster it would only be $99.00 which again is completely up to you.

I hope this helps, we have made this change in order to make the webpage more informational, user friendly and make things run more smoothly. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help to answer or clarify. We thank you so much for your participation and patience in this canine behavioral genetics research!