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brittney logan

Hi there, I have checked your information and you’re all set to receive a DNA kit. I also noticed that you are a new participant in the study. We do have a waiting list right now since there is overwhelming interest in our research (which is a great thing!). The down side is that a kit might take a while to get to you since we are a small group trying to get thousands of kits out to eligible participants. Right now it is hard to estimate for newer participants when a kit will arrive, but we are estimating around 1-2 months. We apologize for the long wait, but are doing our best!

Also, as of the health of your dog Frank, I hope everything is okay! Please know that our research is looking into correlating behavior an genetics. We are not veterinarians and cannot provide you that specific of health information. When results do come in (which will take time) you can certainly bring it up with your vet to check out the genetic components!

Thank you very much for your participation and patience with our research! 🙂