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jesse mcclure

Mary-claire, yes that was a new addition to the ‘personalized feedback’ page for each dog. It’s not at all polished or pretty, but I wanted to at least be more transparent. We’ve recently added greater sample tracking to our database – so I’ve modified that page to give a summary of the tracking of your dog’s sample. Dates before several months ago may be fairly vague (anything before 2017 just says “2016”). And at the moment there isn’t much explanation for the different locations.

VHL is one contractor we tried out for extracting the DNA from the swabs. A vast majority of the samples that went through VHL are currently being genotyped, as these come back (over the next couple of weeks) they’ll be added to the sample tracking data that you will see on that page. So while I can’t make any promises, there is a good chance we’ll have Boomer’s data very soon. Two big caveats on that though: 1) not every sample that went through VHL is being genotyped currently, but any that aren’t are still high in the queue to be run next. 2) if Boomer’s is in this incoming batch, we’ll have the *raw* data very soon. While this raw data is what I’m excited to get (as my primary job is to do the analyses of batches of such raw data) such raw data will not mean much to you.

We will turn this raw data into various nice reports for you, but that report preparation will take a good bit longer.