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jesse mcclure

Those are wonderful questions Linda. I hope to be able to have a thorough response soon but for now a few previews: we are casting a wide net of gathering genetic variation relevant to a wide range of behaviors including fear and anxiety. We do hope that any contributions we can make to basic science will aid in applied fields in both veterinary and human medicine.

But the direct motivation of adding the newest survey was to aid in another project we have headed up by the newest member of or research team [Kathryn Lord](https://darwinsdogs.org/?pg=about). This is also a great excuse to drag her on to the forums to say a few words. Unfortunately while we’ve been plowing through the snow in Massachusetts, she just headed out to Hawaii! When she get’s back I’ll see if she wants to chime in here about her work with wolves and wolf hybrids. In a very small nutshell, she has been exploring the differences in behavioral development in wolves and dogs and she has joined our group to study potential genetic / epigenetic regulation of early developmental periods in dogs and wolves. As part of her work, she wanted a bit more detail on the range of social behavior we see in pet dogs so she assembled these additional survey questions on socialization with humans.