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brittney logan

Hi Katie, great questions, but a hard ones to answer as of right now. We have now are approaching 12,000 dogs enrolled in our study and just don’t have the ability to genotype all of the dogs right away. This means that we will soon have to prioritize dogs based on our scientific need. Not all dogs will be chosen, but in the future we want to analyze all of them! As for the results, yes we will be providing participants will all data that comes out of this study. When results are ready we will be posting them to participant profiles for viewing. We will be able to detect variants related to genetic disease, but we are not veterinarians, and cannot give any further information about it. With the data, we will only be able to tell you what is genetically present and potentially effecting behavior. Also, please note that we are not a breed test. We are looking for correlations between genetics and behavior, but if the data reveals more such as ancestry we will provide you with that information. Thanks Katie!