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jesse mcclure

Randy, you are quite right. Brittney has answered the same question over and over again, right here in this thread. I believe she has demonstrated remarkable patience in doing so. We have over 12 *thousand* dogs enrolled, and we do value each and every one of them – however Brittney will not publicly answer the same question 12 thousand times when the answer is readily available directly above.

Such expectations are disrespectful not only of Brittney, but also of fellow dog owners here. Does the third person to ask the same question think they are deserving of a different answer than the first?

If anything is unclear in an existing answer, feel free to seek clarification. If you’d like to learn more about our process, please check out our newsletters and blog posts which we create to do our best to keep you all informed. Then also look at the About Us page and see the number of people working on this research. That even overesitmates the number. Brittney and I are the only two for whom Darwin’s Dogs is our primary responsibility.

We have invested money, time, effort, and expertise into creating Darwin’s Dogs. We have asked participants only to invest a little time in answering surveys, and a fair bit of patience as we fine tune methods to get reliable data from DNA samples. This is research – we are pioneering new ground finding new ways to get information out of dog DNA that no one has done before. This is not a product that you purchased. If what you have invested in this seems too much, and does not feel equitable to you, then I’d be sorry to lose you as a contributor to this great opportunity.

Feel free to send questions, comments, suggestions, or any other feedback to the info@darwinsdogs.org which Michele answers, or on the forums here which Brittney keeps a close eye on. If you have harsher critiques or complaints those need not be vented on the forums to Brittney or via an email to Michele – but feel free to send them directly to me at jmcclure@darwinsdogs.org.