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dan ramlose

I’ve been working on “Left” and “Right”. This comes in handy when I walk my dogs and I get near a corner. Since they like to walk in front of me, barking a “Left!” or “Right!” at them just before the decision/tangling point prevents issues (sometimes). It also comes in handy when we need to double back down a dead end street as things are easier if we all circle in the same direction.

In addition to basic obedience and getting them to stay put on a blanket for a time, I’ve got one to be quite proficient at “hide and seek”. This basic scent work involves parking the dog, allowing them to smell a treat, then hiding it and releasing the dog. Difficulty is increased or decreased by how you handle the treat (closed hand transport well above the floor – expert vs. dropping it and kicking it along – novice, how long you wander around after dropping the treat, how high off the ground you hide the treat etc. etc.).
Great fun! You can really see them transition from “run to the spot you think they came from” to real nose work.