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rachel long

My staffy knows how to crawl but sometimes doesn’t like to so I have to reinforce with the treat too! The staffy is about 65 pounds, my golden mix is 50 pounds. They can jump over each other standing/bowing/laying down, it is pretty adorable 🙂 Hugging is definitely the “crowd favorite” whenever we do tricks for friends!

I love the laundry idea, my golden mix can “clean up toys” and pick up trash and place in garbage cans. I’ll have to try the same with laundry! He has helped me before in picking up socks that I’ve dropped, and he’ll pick up my keys if I ask after dropping them when my hands are full. I have a video of him [picking up trash](https://www.petdoors.com/blog/earth-day-for-you-and-your-pet/) actually!

I’ve wanted to teach the whisper trick, I love it! But no success with that one