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allison miller

I had a bit of a laugh at some of the activities–they are all great suggestions, don’t get me wrong–I just haven’t found many activities my Labrador will do. I have had him checked out a the vet numerous times, and run tests, x-rays etc., to rule out any health problems or injuries, and the only activities he seems to like are going for walks, lounging (he’s a pro), meeting people and (very) occasionally digging under our tree. He really doesn’t play with toys, he doesn’t retrieve, swim or play with other dogs he doesn’t even bark at the doorbell (my little dog doesn’t either–it’s actually kind of nice 🙂 I wonder how much of his behavior is nurture rather than nature? We don’t know his history, but we wonder if he just wasn’t exposed to a whole lot when he was a pup.

My initial response to utilizing his personality was that he would make an excellent therapy dog, but he has this terrible pawing habit where he smacks you for attention, and we’ve had a devil of a time trying to un-train this habit so that he is safe with seniors and little ones.