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william hutton

yes I do hunt my dog .
you can’t teach a dog to hunt ,they either do it or don’t. because they want to.
but you obviously hedge your bet by choosing a breed that was bred to do that.
she does well, but would not be a good candidate for competitive field trialing.

is hunting a suggested activity already?
the reason I asked the question is because many of the activities ,herding ,tracking , swimming are things that may seem of only moderate interest to my dog. but they are all used by her in some capacity while hunting with a lot of intensity and focus.
as an example , my dog is not a big swimmer. wading is more her style
but if there is a duck to retrieve ,she will swim thru icebergs in February to get it.

so i’m guessing that
if hunting is one of your recommended activities , I have an oddity ?
if hunting is not a recommended activity I could have a possible pattern?