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jesse mcclure

William, we don’t use the breed in generating the recommendations. It’s based only off of the survey answers you’ve provided for your dog. There certainly can be dogs of a breed typically used for hunting that may not love huntng. But for now there could also be a simpler explanation: we don’t yet have sufficient data to make the best recommendations. This should be changing quickly though, so check back to see the changes to your pup’s recommendations.

All we know for now is that based on our currently limited data set, your dog’s personality survey was most similar to dogs that did not love hunting (if hunting was not highly rated for your dog). This could be a real pattern, or it may be an oddity of the limited data which will get cleared up as more answers come in.

Out of curiosity, do you hunt with your dog? Does she enjoy it and/or do well at it? In other words, do you expect she’d like hunting based on her breed, or do you know she does based on experience?