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nanci mccune

I don’t think there is such a thing as a “healthier breed,” unless that breed is one that hasn’t become all the rage. In the 60’s, Cocker Spaniels were the sought after dog, which led to all sorts of inherited issues. Golden Retriever are genetically predisposed to cancer, yet people still breed them. A high percentage of Rottweilers die of cancer before age ten, as do Bernese Mountain Dogs. Mutts are the same, depending on what DNA they inherit. We had an INCREDIBLE yellow lab/Malamute? X..adopted, who liked like a giant white Arctic breed with silly ears. We thought he would be healthier than a purebred dog. He was adopted. But he got cancer at 10.5 yrs and dead at age 11.Labs are also prone to cancer…AMERICAN Labs, not British Labs.

I really think there needs to be stricter laws about just anyone having a purebred or ANY breed and deciding to “let them be a stud” or “let them have a litter”..Or two +. Here in Tucson, pet overpopulation is a horrific issue. On any given day, over five hundred dogs can be found in the County shelter. This does not include the other hundreds of dogs, better in the rescues, which number at least 10. A huge percentage of them are pit bulls and chihuahuas, the most common breeds that are allowed to stay in backyards and constantly have puppies by whatever dog comes by the yard! And then there is the mindset of many, I hate to say it SOME men, who act as if neutering their dog is an extension of them. They believe the old wives tales that if they neuter their dog it will change their personality. After all, it’s not cool to strut down the street with a tough-looking pitbull, unless he’s showing off his package!
There are not enough homes for these dogs!