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laura mills

I have two Olde English Bulldogges, technically “mutts” but regisered with IOEB. The OEB is a mix of English Bulldog, Bullmastiff, “pitbull”, and American Bulldog (my female I believe has some Catahoula in there as well). A nice attempt to bring back a healthier, more athletic bulldog, but since they are a mix, they are very different. My male is 148 pounds and built more like a bullmastiff and my female is 50 pounds and looks more pitbull. At least both can breathe fine and both can even swim. I am anxious to see what the mix does prove out to be in these two. I do not see them as healthier but chances are the dogs used to create them were not necessarily the best of the individual breeds. I am still dealing with hip and knee issues in my female and food intolerances and skin issues in my male. I had them spayed/neutered as I did not want to pass any of their issues on. I am excited to learn more from this study!