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So many interesting ideas here. I love dogs to the moon, and mine being of uncertain ancestry, and Awesome! it is interesting that people always want to know exactly what she is. They really don’t want to hear that she may be generations of mixes, it’s strange. Then, they want to profile based on what they think they see!
I love the mixes and I love the breeds. I hate the silly snobbishness.
There is breeding for money, breeding for the breed, I think you are very lucky if you find such a breeder. Some people worry that if dogs were neutered as the humane societies encourage, they would die out!
Now, after reading this thread, I have an answer for that one! I am happy to hear that the species is absolutely not in any danger of dying out!
It would be lovely if we could learn to care for them even better, feed them better, get rid of at least some of the diseases and allergies so many of them get.