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jesse mcclure

The *species* is fine. Our current breeds are where the question lies.

Most people have heard of village dogs: those free living domesticated dogs around the world. What many of us in developed nations don’t realize is that these village dogs greatly out number our pet dogs … greatly. If breeds can be maintained, wonderful. If they can’t, it will not faze the species: even in the worst case breed-doomsday scenarios, the rise and fall of “breeds” could end up being just tiny blip in the history of the domestic dog that would leave little to no effect on the species as a whole.

I am in no position to speculate on the future of German Shepherd Dogs, or Irish Wolfhounds, or … But *dogs* have a pretty secure future. I hope for the best for the breeds, but the future of domestic dogs doesn’t rely on any particular outcome for any particular breeds.