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hazel beeler

A long-ago Norfolk Terrier, Ace, did something that left my husband and me slack-jawed. He was painting the end of the house, and had a drop cloth spread across the width of the deck, with pieces of scrap lumber holding the outer edge down. Ace came trotting around the corner and onto the drop cloth, and we both told her “no” (we didn’t want her to step into paint splashes). She backed off carefully, and the next thing she did was cross the cloth by bounding from board to board, so she could get across without setting foot on the cloth. It was, my husband said, the sort of solution a literal-minded small child might have come up with. So what if border collies can remember gazillions of commands and names for objects? I think problem-solving is a major indication of intelligence. (And don’t get me started on all the delightful attributes of the late, great Ace.)