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dierdra mcelroy

Louis, my 3 year old Dutch Shepherd, is a spinner and flank sucker when in his crate. It is almost impossible to arrest the behavior when driving in the car despite strong obedience. He also has a very unique issue that has been evaluated by neurologists. It could appear to be a seizure with overall body rigidity but I can induce it. He remains conscious throughout the 20 minute duration. When the episode clears and his muscles regain control he is 100% immediately back to normal and wants to work again. No lasting side effects. It was suggested that he has EIC but something in my videos around his eyes suggested to the neurologist that it isn’t EIC. He looks like a “stiffy goat” honestly :(. The neurologists said there aren’t enough dogs with this disorder to have studies going. He is super high drive and intense. Louis wants to work 15 hours a day but taking him in the car is not fun. He is a nationally ranked dock diver but can’t play frisbee or an episode will happen within ten minutes. He also trains at schutzhund and cancer detection. Without tons of exercise he develops other behavioral issues. The neurologists suggested euthanizing or long terms seizure/tranquilizer type meds.