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julie castle

People seem to enjoy my dog when she picks up her leash and goes home. She would do the same thing when we tried to teach her fetch. She’d go get the ball and run past us heading for home. We’d find her sitting in the yard waiting for us. Now that she is older she’ll run just about anywhere while holding her own leash. Much better about fetching the ball to alpha dog.

Her thing now is running to neighbor’s house and stealing golf balls. She now has her own box of a dozen, marked with her name so we’ll know when the ball she’s playing with is contraband.

She is also a pick pocket. She’ll stand against my leg while I’m doing chores and without my knowing taking out whatever poop bags I may have in the pocket. She’s really gotten good at it.

Like Scott’s dog, Tinsel loves her toys. Her favorite are squeaking toys. At night she engages in Schnauzer Tag where she runs from one end of our travel trailer to the other with a toy in her mouth. She drops that toy and picks up another when she completes one round. She’s lately upped the ante by making the toy squeak for the entire run. As she likes to give all her toys equal attention, sometimes she’s not squeaking.