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scott hodges

Yesterday, she must have been going for the world record. Getting ready to rain, I’m standing at the back door calling her, and she is running around the yard grabbing up toys. Three in her mouth, then she had to drop them all and “repack” to fit four in, then she manages to carefully snag a fifth on her bottom teeth. Unfortunately, while running up the stairs, two of the toys fell out, so she only got a score of Three for the day.

She loves the ones that squeak when you bite down on them the most. She’ll get one in her mouth, then run after her little friend Paul Revere, squeaking the toy the whole time. You can tell that the toys just make her feel comfortable and loved. But they also serve as icebreakers. “Hey, you’re home! And look! I have a toy! Isn’t it amazing!? Here, let me jump up and put my front paws on your arm and we can talk about it!”