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I have 1 dog (Lhasa) that never barked for 12.5 years of his life (he would just warn you very shortly that someone is at the door but stop right when the door opens) until he moved to our house (we inherited him) and lived with my barking, territorial dog. Now he imitates her … And, because he is blind (old), he barks and looks for intruders for a while after someone has left (sometimes he starts barking 15 minutes after they left) when he smells their (past) presence.
The other dog (Giant mix), when we first got her as an adult, used to only eat when I stood by her. She is good now, but still stops eating when she is sad/upset (if I go on a trip). She used to point, 2 years ago when we got her, but has stopped. She seems to recognize family members even when she never met them before (father, mother, sister) and does not show agression towards them when they come to our house as she does with others.