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brittney logan

Hi Brittany,

Our sincerest apologies for the long wait to have your dog’s DNA sample sent for sequencing. You were enrolled in the Free Kit Waitlist, which means that we rely on grant funds to support the sending, and sequencing of those kits. We continue to do all that we can to acquire more grant funds so that we can send your dog’s DNA sample out for sequencing.

When grant funding is received, it is based off of certain proposals/research aims, so the best way to increase your dog’s chances of being sequenced is to have as many of the behavioral surveys completed as possible! The more data we have on your dog, the more likely he/she will be “eligible” to fall into whatever the aim of that grant is. (for example we received grant money to study food allergies, so many dogs that answered the surveys pertaining to that topic were sequenced)

I hope this helps to better understand how our grant funding works, but please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions.

Also, I can assure you that the sample still remains viable, even after many years. 🙂

We appreciate your participation and patience with the research.

Brittney at Darwin’s Ark