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brittney logan

Hi Susan,

Dr. Jessica Hekman was interviewed for this article which might be of interest for your client. I’d maybe set aside the headline and ranking, and look at the information contained in the article as it does provide some good information about the pros and cons of the Wisdom panel. https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-dog-dna-test/

In addition when I forwarded your question to Dr. Hekman she responded by saying she’d want to emphasize that Wisdom, has a minisucle number of markers (20k) vs Embark (200k) or us (millionish) which means that they won’t be as able to detect really small breed percentages. OTOH from what she recalls they have the best breed panel. Her advice generally is “if you have a mixy mix don’t use Wisdom. If you are curious about a particular rare breed 1-2 generations back, Wisdom works great.”

I hope that helps! 🙂
– Shannan
(filling in for Brittney on leave)