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brittney logan

Hi Sarah,

I apologise for the long wait. I do understand that it is frustrating, we too wish we had the ability to process these faster.

I can promise you this is not a bait and switch, it is Citizen Science with the best intentions to better understand canine behavior and genetics. We have a full team of scientists working day and night on this project. Dr. Karlsson has done, and continues to do, incredible work in the dog world.

With that said, we are not a business like many other genetic tests out there, this purely research running off of grant money.
Since grant money has become tight, our team works constantly to keep apply for more. We wanted to provide participants with another option so that they could get their results faster without waiting for our grant money. This option, the Explorer Lever, is not meant as a ‘bait and switch’ but allows those who would like to fund their dogs sample to do so, ensuring it gets sent out for sequencing quickly and providing participants with another option. This option eliminates the wait time associated with the Free Participation enrollment and we hope it will reduce frustration as less samples are waiting for grant funding. We still plan to sequence the free participation samples, it just takes time, since we rely on limited grant money.
Unfortunately that is how research works, but we are determined!

Again my apologies for the wait but we do appreciate everyone that has enrolled.