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brittney logan

Hi Trish,

Just to be clear, your dogs DNA sample is not “de-prioritized” just because we do not yet have the breed in the panel (yet). Your dog can certainly still be sequenced and is very valuable to our research! The results will likely come back with breeds of close ancestry and maybe even a portion unknown. Once CLDs are in the panel (and for any other breed for that matter) we updated our results.

We do indeed have some Catahoula Leopard Dog samples in our study participating on the free kit waitlist, we just do not the funding at the moment to sequence them. If enough of the dogs are funded by owners, (at least 12 unrelated) then we could work on adding them to the panel! 🙂

With so many breeds that we could add, Catahoula Leopard Dog have just as equal a playing field as other breeds. Once we receive funding, it really all depends on the grant, so I cannot say which breed(s) would be our next focus.