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brittney logan

Hi Cassandra,

We apologies for the long wait with the free participation. As mentioned above, it is not so much a “backlog” but more so that we need to acquire more grant funding in order to support the sending out and sequencing of our free participation samples. The “wait” is also dependent on when enrolled, how many surveys have been completed, and again, if the dog is a fit for the grant approved at that time.

We have a hardy system in place to keep track of the data and samples in our procession. The samples can remain stable and viable for years! 🙂

Please know that this is research oriented, and we are not business run like other canine genetics tests out there.

With that said, our sequencing methods differ from that of other test – we look at nearly 5,000,000 markers in the DNA compared to that of Embark (200,000) and Wisdom Panel (1,800).

Again, we apologize for the long wait with the free participation, but we continue to apply for more grants to support the research and your dogs DNA sample. If you do not wish to wait any longer, we have added the option for owners to support their dogs sample for sequencing.