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brittney logan

Hi Joanne,

Even though we do not have his breed in our reference panel (yet!), we would still love to have him participate to the fullest!

You inclination is correct. Once your dog is sequenced, the results will likely come back identifying breeds that are related to the Bedlington Terrier, and might also have a good portion of “unknown”.

As the research continues and more dogs provide DNA samples, our reference panel will grow. In order to add a breed into our reference panel, we need at least 12 non-related individuals with sequenced data. When a new breed is added to the panel, we re-run all our participants data and will update the results.

If you know others with Bedlington Terriers, please let them know about our research! It would be wonderful to have this breed in our panel.

If you have not checked our our blog post regarding our results and updated reference panel here are the links below:

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