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brittney logan

Hi Karen,

We understand your concerns and frustrations.

Thank you for recognizing that this is truely research based, and we do deeply apologize for the long wait.

We have the capability and technologies to be sequencing these samples, but the sequencing itself is costly. We are continuously searching for, and apply for more grants so that we can support our free participation samples. With the behavioral data that you and other participants are providing, it is greatly helping our research to discover and propose new studies for these grants.

In order for this research to work, and to discover correlations between behavior and genetics. we need THOUSANDS of dogs to participate. We wanted to be able to provide participation options to our citizen scientists, letting them decide, but we have stated that it can indeed take time for the free participation.

Again, I am so sorry that it has been so long, and we are just as eager to have the data! 🙂

Everyday, we continue our endeavor with the behavioral and genetic data that we have, applying for more funds so that we can support even more participants. As the data grows, so does our knowledge of canine behavior and genetics, thanks to our participating owners and their dogs.