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brittney logan

Hello all,

We apologize for the varying wait times. Our research is grant funded, so it can certainly take time to support all of the free participation samples.

Being grant funded means, at times, we are limited as to how many samples we can send out for sequencing. We must ensuring that we send out certain samples that meet the grant criteria.

For example, a recent grant of ours focused on food allergies, so we needed to ensure a portion of the samples sent were dogs with allergies. We also, need to make sure we send out samples at random, so that we are not to bias our results.

This makes for a somewhat unpredictable timeline of sending out our free participation samples.

In order for our research to support and send out more samples, we continue to apply for more grants. The behavioral surveys that all of you have filled out for your dog(s), are immensely helping us to propose more studies based on YOUR data!

It all comes full circle, your dog’s behavioral data provides interesting hypothesis for grants. In return, we receive more money to sequenced your dogs DNA sample, which provides more genetic data for the study! Our goal is not only to tell you about your dogs ancestry and genetic make-up, but to find correlations between your dog’s behaviors and genetics. As the research continues on, the more updates we will have for all of you.

Research takes time, and we apologize for the long wait, but we can assure you it is for a wonderful cause, to better understand our four-legged best friends!