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kathleen morrill

Kate — we are so glad you are enjoying it! Chandler’s unknown portion was comprised of a many tiny fractions of nonsensical breeds, below the threshold for accurate calls. We are indeed suspecting that when this happens, that it may be non-breed or village dog ancestry. One of our next big goals is to confidently call village dog ancestry. The big challenge is that village dogs are not really a breed per se, and they have massive genetic diversity across the world. So, instead of a reference panel, we may look for other genomic hallmarks and machine learning to detect it.

Lee — we love Boone! Right now, I am re-analyzing the MuttMix survey results using the v2 results, now that we can call American Pit Bull Terrier ancestry. Boone, so far, is the best-guessed dog in the survey. His iconic Basset ancestry really shined through. 🙂