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brittney logan

As we fight for every grant dollar to pay for the free kits, one way for us to make some headway in the research is to provide the opportunity to pay for kits, or for others’ kits (our new gifting option).

As we gain more data, our ability to apply for a wider range of grants increases. The more data from our citizen scientist helps us apply for grants, which in turn, pays for more free kits each year!

Our goal is to be granted enough funds to process ALL of the kits that have been submitted. Not only do we want to continue our research, but we also very much want to get all our participants the information and insight that they deserve, helping all dogs and people in the future.

We completely understand the frustration – please believe me when I say we are frustrated as well. We would much rather be able to sequence all of the samples right away, not only for the research, but for our participants.

Thank you all for your amazing patience and support.

We cannot do it without all of you!