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william hutton

just out of curiosity
when forming your reference panel,
does this consist of only dogs in your screening ?
or do you also source DNA pools from outside sources?

there are a large number of different breed clubs out there that collect DNA on their registered dogs.
each pool would have more defined indictors for each respective breed.
i’d think it might help,
not only with highly confusing lines like the bully breeds but also with rarer breeds you might not ever get a sample from.

as example
I have a wirehair point griffon ,through paper work I can determine a predominantly European back ground (france)
46% of her breed mix can be accounted for..
19% is WPG, 7.5 GSP, 5.2 Brittany..13.4% other hunting breeds
54% is unknown ..
through breed research I have reason to believe the unknown is “cesky fousek”
a relatively unknown and rare breed in north America.
one you will probably never get enough samples of to process on your own