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Sex: Female
Working Dog: No
Spayed/Neutered: No
Date of Birth: 2006-10-07

Owner’s Stated Breed Mix:

Great Dane

Dog description

She is a hero!!! Working tirelessly everyday to protect people, defend property, and keep those closest to her as well as the folks down the street, next door, across the street, in the street, at parks, within cars, on motorcycles, and so many others as well......aware and up-to-date on the current issues surrounding the earth invaders known as "SQUIRRELS"!!!! Miya is my heart dog and I knew the moment I saw her that she was more then special! She has changed the lives of so many through her gentle heart and knowing soul. Yes she has a squirrel obsession but she is just as passionate over her people and her human kids. She was also an amazing Mother to all of her puppies and continues to be an ambassador for her breed. She has definitely removed the stigma of a short life attributed to her breed, at twelve years old and still getting around, bright eyed and full of life she is what The breed should see in longevity. Miya has been a therapist for me through many losses, as well as my sounding board when I felt alone. She was sons courage while recovering from an dog attack by a friends dog. She is a true fun fuddler when the other dogs play to rough, and the biggest trip hazzard you have ever experienced in a kitchen. She is our everything!

Dog summary

Looking amazing in my hat and still going strong at 12yrs old!!!


Her ears were not cropped but they stand straight up if she sees a squirrel.....she looks like Minnie Mouse when this happens

Does best

Cuddles in bed like a pro!!!

Fun Story

Miya has always been what we lovingly call "our alarm system". She is always hyper vigilant in her duties to us. Some of these duties include: deterring the Yellow box on wheels from eating our small children in the morning, making sure that the young man in the street knows his plate is rolling away even though he is standing on it And Keeping all aprised of the clear or not clear status of the home or its surrounding property of the alien invaders known to us as "squirrels"!! An amazing watch dog she never lets a package go unopened without her presence being know. She is a bit overzealous when it comes to cleaning up after everyone except herself seen by how clean our counters and floor have always been since she was a pup! She is simply put the perfect dog!


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