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Sex: Male
Working Dog: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Date of Birth: 2019-09-09

Owner's Stated Breed Mix:

Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Shepherd

Dog description

A little over 13 weeks old. Mom was a blue heeler mix and dad was an Australian Shepard mix. I adopted him from Friends of Gibson county animals rescue out of TN. We have lived together for exactly one week and minus the usual puppy piddle problems he’s in excellent health and shows his cattle dog heritage by learning quickly. He is externally well tempered and affectionate. He gets compliments daily. He is a little scatterbrained outside but I think it’s mostly due to he is from TN and is now in CT and our weather has been all over the place the past week. He has seen grass to snow to ice 60 degrees down to 10 all in his first week. He doesn’t bark or lung at other dogs he just sits and looks at them. If the bark or lunge at him he just sits and looks. He’s not at all vocal except one bark when he was excited and it scared him. He will whimper if crated and I’m out of sight but it only lasts a few minutes. No food aggression issues and isn’t food motivated. He is squeak toy motivated though. So far herding instinct hasn’t presented it self much at all. He handles redirection well and has nipped only once outside of roughhousing. And the circling a human while on a leash was trained out of him in two days. He has the water resistant cattle dog coat except his ears favor the soft fur of a Shepard and his tail is the cattle dog shape and length but without the brush. He has minimal spotting compared to either breed but he is getting more as the week has progressed. He is currently 20.5lbs. His vet expects near 25 lbs at 16 week mark and 45 - 50 lbs at six months old. Both his parents were 35lbs. His paws are a bit oversized for either breed and are webbed like a retriever breed but mom and dad were both mixes so he could have some white lab in him. His body shape and musculature favor the cattle dog. But his nose and lips favor the aussy. He’s still a baby so he’s been good around kids and his new cat brother. He loves toys and tug of war. Hides cookes for when he is ready for them. Loves to blow bubbles in his water bowl. Loves getting a warm bath. He was fixed a bit early but it was a southern rescue and they have an overpopulation issue. He arrived with all but two vaccinations recommended in CT both of them are north East related one being limes disease. He loves his crate, it’s where he hides the cookies he is stashing, greets me with a smile and thumping tail every morning. Puts himself to bed every night. I did not train him for that he came that way lol. He goes to work with me 4 out of 5 days a week. One day as it a dog resort and daycare so he can have more socialization beyond our weekend socialization. He rides all over CT with me and hardly needs a leash he is always at my side. It’s actually concerning holding training leash and it going slack because he is at your side. My brain defaults to the leash broke and I lost the dog lol. Nope he’s right here ! The biggest issues with potty training is he isn’t vocal and can’t communicate the need to go. So it’s been me setting timers after he eats and drinks to figure out his cycle.

Dog summary

13 month cattle dog aussy mix adopted from TN


Smarter than his human grandmother

Does best

I’m already good at fetch and everyone compliments my nose and ears!

Fun Story

The first time I saw another puppy in CT I barked and scared myself!


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Please see your dog’s personality profiles prediction below for your dog. We’ve highlighted those most well suited foryour dog based on the survey answers you’ve provided. Please note that the graph for these recommendations will change as we gather more data on which to base the recommendations. For now these are quite preliminary.