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Sex: Female
Working Dog: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Date of Birth: 2011-01-24

Owner’s Stated Breed Mix:

Cairn Terrier

Dog description

Sunny is a very sweet cairn terrier mix who was adopted from a shelter just earlier this year! She loves going on walks, learning new tricks, and sunbathing. She is 20 pounds and is tricolored with grey, cream, and brown.

Dog summary

An 8 year old cairn terrier mix who loves to go on walks, learn new tricks, and sunbathe!


A quirk about Sunny is that she gets the crazy "zoomies" after bath time as we chase her around the house with towels. She hates bath time, but loves the fun play time afterwards.

Does best

Something that Sunny does best is learning new tricks! So far, she has learned how to play dead, shake paws with someone, roll over, bow when someone else bows, jump up, and many more! She especially loves the treats she gets as a reward!

Fun Story

A fun story about Sunny is the day that we adopted her! We were at our local shelter in search of a sweet dog that we could add to our family. We met Sunny and she was extremely sweet, greeting each of us as we all squeezed into the tiny room. After meeting Sunny we went to play with the dog from across the hall and Sunny was staring at us through the window with a look of complete and utter betrayal the entire time. We went back to Sunny and we decided that we needed to adopt her as soon as possible. It was the best decision we've ever made as a family, because she still remains the extremely sweet girl the first time we met her.


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