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Xena Rose

Sex: Female
Working Dog: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Date of Birth: 2014-05-05

Owner’s Stated Breed Mix:

American Pit Bull Terrier
Border Collie

Dog description

She is very energetic and very loving. She has been in my life for just a little over a month, so we are still getting to know each other. What I have found though is that she is aggressive towards other animals. She is still learning to leave the cats alone, but she is aggressive towards all other animals. She loves people though, when she meets a new person she will lay right down and flip over for belly rubs. She loves cuddles in the mornings and walks in the afternoon. She is particular about her treats, they need to be crunchy and if they aren

Dog summary

5 year old rescue who has all the love to give.


When she meets a new person her first thing to do is flop down and get belly rubs.

Does best

She gives all the love better than any animal I have ever had.

Fun Story

When we first brought her home, before we got her kennel she decided to mess with the cat's food by knocking it down and chewing on the bowl. She did not eat the cat food, just the bowl.


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