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Sex: Male
Working Dog: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Date of Birth: 2018-10-23

Dog description

Scrappy smiles when he sees his favorite people! He makes us laugh and I'm so thankful to have him in my family. He can really rock a bowtie. He is an Arkansas boy, born feral before being trapped and catching the bus North. Scrappy is a Lastie-waiting a long time for a foster and in MA for 6 wks before we rescued each other. Scrappy is the best big bro to all out our fosters, letting them know the big city isn't so bad. He's also the chinchilla police, much to her annoyance.

Dog summary

Scrappy is a rescue from Arkansas who loves his people and dog friends. Secret power: Smiling.


He smiles! When his people come home and occasionally when other human friends some to visit, he grins. It is so strange and only happens with people - he never smiles at other animals. When he really grins it looks like he has dentures!

Does best

Scrappy is the best foster brother! He welcomes other rescues to our home who have just caught the bus from Arkansas. They take comfort from following him as they navigate their new surroundings. He

Fun Story

Scrappy is very curious about the world and very alert to his surroundings. When he needs to get a better look at something outside his line of sight, he stands on his hind legs to get a better look. His balance is incredible. Sometimes I wonder if he trains with the circus while I


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