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Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Date of Birth: 2016-06-23

Owner’s Stated Breed Mix:


Dog description

Fawn, Black Mask. Breeder is located near Tulsa, Ok. Sadie is the third Boxer that we have owned.

Dog summary

The most loving brown-eyed personality.


She will not eat or leave the bedroom in the morning until I leave the room.

Does best

She has the best wiggle and an intent stare and you know she is listening to our every move.

Fun Story

Sadie came into our family two years ago and she is a delight to us every day. We have had Boxer's before so we knew what we were getting into; high-energy, ADHD, and lots of love to give. Our two other Boxers were very talkative if they didn't have your undivided attention. They would bark at the back door when they wanted in from romping in the backyard. They would let us know it was on their mind and the vocals of jabber and barking would begin. So it was a shock to find out how Sadie would let us know she wanted back in the house, that she was done in the yard and ready to be with her peeps. Our back door that leads to the yard has an upper portion that is glass and she leaps in the air to try to get our attention letting us know she is done with the yard. No noise is made, just a three foot spring straight up into the air and a wiggle of her butt. She makes us smile everyday. She reminds us of the Winnie the Pooh character, Tigger.


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