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Sex: Male
Working Dog: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Date of Birth: 2014-12-31

Owner’s Stated Breed Mix:

German Shorthaired Pointer

Dog description

Kismet was bred and born in a commercial dogsledding kennel (also likely has Husky in him). He is large (85ish pounds) with an incredibly deep chest and is very fast - true to the greyhound in him. He is coloured more like a Pointer, with pointer ears/nose. He has a thin single coat and fairly straight tail (he was injured in his back end as a puppy so his tail does not have a natural curve to it). He has blue Husky eyes. He is extremely social and gentle, and is kind to everyone he meets. He is a bit anxious and was diagnosed with OCD tailchasing, likely triggered by nerve pain in his back end, and boredom at the huge kennel where he was born.

Dog summary

Kismet is a 3.5 year old 85 pound bundle of energy and love.


Kismet was diagnosed with OCD tailchasing when he was young, likely triggered by an injury. He receives acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, a balanced diet and routine, and we are making progress in reducing his stereotypic behaviour.

Does best

Kismet is incredibly respectful of other dogs' needs and he is excellent at making them feel at ease. He makes a big effort with calming signals and also by just allowing space if that's what they need.

Fun Story

In order to help Kismet gain confidence and also to increase his awareness of his muscle movements, we enrolled in an Intro to Agility course together. Although he is not a typical looking agility dog, he had an awesome time, and loved every part of it. Now we do "forest agility" on our hikes, and he is constantly on the lookout for things to jump over, climb through, or stand on top of! He may have been a great competitor, but we achieved our main goal for having fun and staying strong.


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