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Sex: Male
Working Dog: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Date of Birth: 2007-01-04

Owner’s Stated Breed Mix:

Airedale Terrier
Black and Tan Coonhound

Dog description

Sunny has hair similar to an Airedale but the body of a coonhound. He moves like a dressage horse, likely due to his straight shoulders and hips. He has severe hip dysplasia and arthritis and is less active than when he was young. He is generally a happy-go-lucky dog but his underlying temperament is fearful, possibly due in part to his puppy socialization period being spent on the streets and in animal control and a rescue. With extensive socialization, he does not usually exhibit that fearfulness.

Dog summary

A search dog candidate washout that LOVES scent work.


He likes to do a bark survey of the neighborhood when he

Does best

Scent work games. We haven

Fun Story

Sunny is a clown that had almost unlimited energy as a youngster. At that time he also had a series of ear infections but did not like application of medicine into his ears so I lured him to come between my legs and would hold him in place while I put drops in. He learned the trick so well that he practiced it while we were learning obstacle discrimination in agility class. He assumed the ear treatment position between my legs instead of going into the tunnel I was trying to direct him to, much to his glee and the amusement of my agility friends.


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4.1 %Others
5.6 %Bloodhound
34.8 %Unknown
55.5 %Airedale Terr..

Sunny is

55.5% Airedale Terrier

Our algorithm concludes Sunny is a mixed breed dog. The biggest portion (55.5%) of his ancestry comes from Airedale Terrier, but we find other breeds as well.

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How did we get these results?

We used a combination of three statistics and Sunny's DNA results to decide that he was a mixed breed dog.

Mean Posterior Probability

Genetic Diversity

Percent of
Top Breed


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