Do it For a Life Like Daisy’s

PUBLISHED ON April 16, 2017 by brittney logan

Running the Boston Marathon can be daunting; motivation and support is essential for accomplishing such a feat. For MaryAnn Corliss and her son, inspiration to join their first ever relay team for the 2017 Boston Marathon comes from their beloved dog Daisy, a member of Darwin’s Dogs and Woofster. Daisy, an energetic and lovable hound mix, was adopted by the Corliss Family in January of 2016 from Shultz’s Guest House Rescue, located in Dedham, Massachusetts. MaryAnn and her son, as well as others on the team, are running in order to raise financial support for shelter dogs who are looking for a forever home.


Shultz’s Guest House is a private, 200-acre non-profit rescue shelter that takes in dogs who are in search of a forever home. MaryAnn says that, at Shultz’s, “dogs really are treated like guests…it is unlike any other rescue.”
Shultz’s doggie guests mainly come from high-kill shelters in Tennessee, where their futures looked bleak. When rescued dogs comes to Schultz’s, the owner and team take the time to get to know both their canine guests and the humans interested in adopting these lucky dogs.

Daisy’s life was forever changed when she became a welcomed guest at Shultz’s Guest House Rescue. Today, Daisy enjoys a fun-filled lifestyle. When her family has time off, she joins them on camping trips to the ocean, where she plays in the sand and catches the waves. She has even hiked Mt. Washington with her adventurous family! When vacation time is over, Daisy goes to doggy daycare, where she brings her favorite kitty cat-themed lunch box.


Daisy enjoys her relaxing weekends. Most of the time, she sleeps in until 9am, and then relishes in her day at home with family. But Daisy also looks forward to a special Sunday each month when she joins her Woofster friends to participate in a set of fun doggie activities. MaryAnn reports that once Daisy and her family reach the highway on the way to Woofster, Daisy becomes very excited — she seems to knows where they’re headed! Daisy and her fellow Woofster members are making major contributions to our understanding of canine genetics and behavior.


MaryAnn and her family are extremely grateful for the Shultz’s Guest House for taking care of Daisy in her time of need, and for matching Daisy to her forever family. To give back to the Shultz’s Guest House, MaryAnn’s husband now helps transport rescue dogs from Tennessee all the way to Dedham MA. MaryAnn and her son, sometime volunteer at the rescue.

This year, though, the Corliss family is planning to do even more to help. They joined the Marathon for Mutts relay team to help out shelter dogs, who deserve a life like Daisy’s!

If you would like to help MaryAnn and her son reach their fundraising goals in support of Shultz’s Guest House Rescue, please visit their pages at:

MaryAnn’s Funding Page

Son’s Funding Page

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